This is the website of Bruce Thompson Coaching.

Make this site the source of Inspiration and Motivation for you, your team and your business, and reach new height of personal performance and achievement.

Why You Need This Information
How would you like to improve motivation and personal performance in management, leadership, sales and negotiation? How much would you like to reach new heights of presenting and inspirational public speaking skills? How much more would you like to know how to deal with communication problems and unproductive behavior in your team before they get out of hand?

What We Will Help You Achieve
We will show you how to talk to people so that you can get your ideas across quickly and effectively. We will help you discover how to read your audience’s reaction so that you can tell when your message gets through. We will provide you with the tools to help you identify the best way to gauge your team members internal representational system so that you can frame a communication to be compelling and exciting.

How We Do It
We deliver this training through group workshops and one to one coaching sessions, with follow-up telephone support. We provide a coaching and mentoring service that you can call on whenever you need it. We run training events and interactive seminars which you can attend to refine and hone your skills. If you need training in conducting internal investigations, our specialist trainers have years of experience conducting investigations and training police officers.

What If You Are In Sales?
These skills are ideal for sales teams, negotiators and contract managers. You can use the techniques for team management and improving organisation performance, or line management and supervision. You will also learn how to save time spent on internal investigations and get better results.

About Bruce Thompson
Certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Coaching, Consulting, Neurological Repatterning and Ericksonian Hypnosis, Bruce Thompson is an international trainer, motivational speaker and performance coach. He is a PRINCE 2 Practitioner who uses NLP and motivational techniques to deliver successful projects in government and commercial sectors.