Inspirational Reading To help With Your Results

Inside Out – Personal Excellence Through Self Discovery – 9 Steps to Radically Change Your Life Using NLP, Personal Development, Philosophy and Action for True Success, Value, Love and Fulfilment.

Jeroen Coenen and Gareth Stubbs are the inspiration behind Ego Invenio, their movement for personal excellence through self discovery.

Ego Invenio are passionate about the results that people create in their own lives, and through our their personal experiences have learnt some pretty powerful tools and techniques which they are sharing with people. Let Jeroen and Gareth take you on a journey to personal excellence through self discovery, taking what you have within you and truly boosting the results in every area of your life whether it be career, relationships, finances or life style.

The 9 Steps in their book will guide you to a place deep inside, allowing you to change your life forever. Find out the secrets to turn your life inside out, and achieve the results that you have always wanted.



Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book by Robert Kiyosaki is a must read for anyone who has ever considered setting up in business and being self employed. It explains how our educational system is failing people by teaching how to earn money as an employee, but does not teach financial intelligence. Robert Kiyosaki fills the gaps in our education and offers a route from the wage trap of a safe and secure employed position to the financial freedom of real wealth. The book is written from an American perspective, but the concepts and ideas are applicable in all Western economies.

In simple terms, with the aid of a few easily understood diagrams he explain the relationship between income, expenditure, assets and liabilities. He gives sound advice about ways to identify ways to make money, and what investments to follow. However, one of his most valuable insights is that you will only start to receive when you learn how to give.

In summary, the book is easy to read, and Robert Kiyosaki has a great writing style. Will this book make you rich? Of course not. Only action will do that, and Rich Dad, Poor Dad will point you in the right direction.

Five Books To Change Your Life
Having just had a brilliant weekend away at Kerwin Rae’s Power to create seminar, returning with energy and inner peace, here are Five Books To Change Your Life.


Molecules of Emotion: Why You Feel the Way You Feel

How do our thoughts and emotions affect our health? Are our bodies and minds distinct from each other or do they function together as part of an interconnected system? Candace Pert offers new scientific evidence of the power of our minds and emotions to affect our health.



The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles

Through the research of Dr. Lipton and other leading-edge scientists, stunning new discoveries have been made about the interaction between your mind and body and the processes by which cells receive information. It shows that genes and DNA do not control our biology, that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our thoughts.



The Way of Energy: Mastering the Chinese Art of Internal Strength with Chi Kung Exercise

Finally presented in plain, easy to understand and follow english, this book shows you the easy methods portrayed by Master Lam to build your internal stamina and mental control. After a week of study you will notice the difference.



Heal Your Body A-Z: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Way to Overcome Them (A–Z Books)

A fresh and easy step-by-step guide, set up in an A-Z format. Just look up your specific health challenge and you will find the probable cause for this health issue, as well as the information you need to overcome it by creating a new thought pattern.



Way of the Superior Man

This is David Deida’s acclaimed primary sourcebook on masculine spiritual practice. It is a must-read for every man who wants to live a life of integrity, authenticity, and freedom. Learn how essential it is to know your purpose in the world. Discover the importance of challenge in your life. Understand how your masculine direction gifts your woman as much as her attractive radiance gifts you.