Take a PINK Lesson and Empower Your Future

Although we do not usually do featured blog posts on this site, sometimes you just can not help picking up a great idea from another site, and it fires your imagination.

This time the idea comes from our friend Eldonna Lewis Fernandez, retired USAF Master Sergeant, who took control of her own life, and set out to help others transform their lives too. She runs the Pink Biker Chic programs, which are aimed at helping women to “take control of the handlebars of their lives and steer themselves to a bright and successful future”. From the metaphor, and program name, you can tell that she is a biker!

She says that riding a bike is one of the best stress relievers on the planet, and invites women to partake in experiential and life changing Women’s Biker Empowerment Experience 4 Day Workshop.

The great idea, which we borrow and reproduce here, is the concept of PINK, which stands for Power, Integrity, Negotiation and Knowledge. According to Eldonna, you don’t have to wear pink to be PINK. PINK comes from within. When you embrace the Power of PINK and live life in the front seat, you are fulfilled from the inside out and those around you reap the rewards and benefits of being in the presence of a powerfully peaceful woman.

The advice which she gives is equally appropriate for men and women.

  1. Replace negative self talk with powerful self talk
  2. Release all resentment
  3. Surround yourself with people who hold you to a higher standard not people who bring you down
  4. Use powerful language for goal setting and take positive action toward achieving your goals

When you run yourself down, or allow others to talk down to you without challenge, that seven year old child that is your unconscious takes it in, and incorporates it into your reality. Remember that whatever you say, even to yourself, your unconscious is always listening. Always speak positively and aspirationaly about yourself and your goals, so that the reality you manifest is the one you want. Take a PINK Lesson and Empower Your Future!

To find out more about Eldonna Lewis Fernandez and her programs, click here to visit Pink Biker Chic