A Short Pitching Masterclass by Charles Harris

Some of you may know my friend Charles Harris as a writer and TV director, and the power behind Footloose Films. You should also know he is also a master at getting his point accross in a few sentences. Among his many skills, he runs runs Pitching Masterclasses, and has kindly agreed to list a few pointers here for people who are looking to succeed as a writer, director or producer in film or TV, or just preparing an elevator pitch.

If you want to get powerful at pitching, you need to put in the work. The professional pitch is best started with just a few words, so your pitch should be no more than two to three sentences. There are a few steps neded to hone your skills and grab the attention of industry professionals in just a few words. These are the basics that you should get to know first:

  • Pitching is like talking – think of it like a conversation
  • Keep it short – Two to three sentences
  • Know what you want
  • Know what they want
  • Get in the mood
  • Be clear – state what needs to be said up-front
  • Put in the work
  • Practice Makes Confident

As an experienced writer and director in TV, theatre and cinema, Charles Harris has worked with a number of the top names in cinema and TV, from James Stewart to Spike Milligan. A film editor for BBC and Channel Four, he moved on to direct TV and theatre, winning awards around the world.

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